What The Fat?
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Kokonainen vhh-kirjasarja (5 kpl) Uudesta-Seelannista. Tekijöinä professori Grant Schofield, ravitsemusterapeutti, tri. Caryn Zinn ja Michelin-kokki Graig Rodgers.

What The Fat?


What the Face!

What we put into our bodies directly affects our physical appearance and has a significant impact on our skin, nails and hair, and on maintaining a youthful appearance (or not) as we age, and so What the Face! has been specifically designed to help you nourish and support both your inner health, and your outer wellbeing.

What the Fat?

Revised and Updated
Re-released alongside the authors’ new title What the Face!, this fresh take on a beloved bestseller has been revised and updated with the latest in Low-Carb, HEALTHY-Fat science and nutrition data and includes a new foreword by science journalist Nina Teicholz, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Big Fat Surprise, all complemented with stunning new recipe photography to inspire readers on their LCHF journey.

What the fat? Recipes
Low-Carb, HEALTHY-Fat cooking
– delicious, healthy and simple

Designed to make following an LCHF lifestyle simple, enjoyable and nourishing, What the Fat? Recipes brings together the authors’ go-to easy, delicious and nutritious LCHF meal ideas. Embracing unique cultural flavours from across the globe and tried-and-trusted household staples, this comprehensive collection of over 130 recipes has all your LCHF meals covered.

What the Fast!
How Monday and Tuesday will change your life.

Want to drop a few kilos, stay sharp and get your health on track? By simply not eating breakfast and lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays and supercharging your dinner meals, you will become a super-faster.

Super-Fasting allows for super wellbeing, from effortless weight loss to enhanced immune and brain function. Become a super-faster and unlock the biology of super ageing to live a long, healthy life.

The low-carb, HEALTHY-fat Monday-Tuesday fasting plan, from the bestselling authors of What the Fat?

What the Fat?
Sports Performance: Leaner, fitter, faster on Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat

Take advantage of an unfair advantage.
Retraining your body and brain and turning on your fat burning almost seems like an unfair advantage when it’s applied to the sporting environment. In this practical guide we present compelling evidence, inspiring real-life stories from very successful athletes, and simple ways to eat Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat.

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Kun ottaa huomioon, että Australiassa valtiollinen tiedeorganisaatio CSIRO on julkaissut kokonaisen sarjan vhh-kirjoja

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

on pakko todeta, että Oseaniassa ollaan aika paljon edistyksellisempiä kuin Puskalandiassa.

THL:n olisi jo aika vetää päänsä puskasta.

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