Proof that saturated fats don't raise your risk of heart disease
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Viestin otsikko:  Proof that saturated fats don't raise your risk of heart disease


The more saturated fat you eat, the lower your blood fat levels

High fatty acid levels are risky….. you’d think eating a diet high in saturated fats, would amplify the problem, it doesn’t, it does just the opposite.


Here is a recap of this video

00:12​ You NEED to be on a low fat diet
00:29​ Dissenting voices
00:49​ Making the shift away from low fat
01:01​ Half an idea is not healthful
01:30​ Add fat – make it saturated
01:40​ Fear keeps people stuck
02:32​ Trying out all the options
03:05​ First high fat then high carb
03:28​ Checking in on lipid profiles etc
03:46​ Too much palmitoleic acid a marker of health troubles
04:14​ High palmitoleic acid is a high carb problem
04:50​ Altered lipids are one small aspect
05:12​ Dietary saturated fat is not the problem
05:35​ The saturated fats are burned, the carbs are stored
05:52​ Eat more fat – make it saturated
06:38​ Scientific reference

Enjoy !

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