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Vuoden 2020 australialainen tri. James Muecke sanoo, että viralliset ravitsemussuositukset aiheuttivat diabeteksen yleistymisen ja että keto on avain ongelman ratkaisemiseen. Esidiabeetikon ei pitäisi syödä enempää kuin 130 grammaa eikä tyypin 2 diabeetikon enempää kuin 50 grammaa hiilihydraatteja päivässä.

Sunday Mail: Bring back meat & three veg: Star diabetes guru’s blistering attack on Aussie health guidelines

Modern Aussie diet guidelines are making us sick, says SA’s Australian of the Year-winning diabetes guru, in a blistering call to bring back 70s-style menus.
The Adelaide ophthalmologist is angry little has been done to promote remission of the disease through diet and lifestyle changes, saying it is usually portrayed as a prog­ressive condition needing drug intervention as it worsens.

He says the controversial keto diet is a key to dealing with diabetes – and has drawn up his own “food diamond” as an alternative to the usual food pyramid, showing what you can enjoy as staples and what to keep to a minimum.

Dr Muecke has released a powerful video attacking the dietary guidelines and calling on health authorities to do more to treat type 2 diabetes as both preventable and reversible after guiding his own eye patients into remission.

He was treating almost 100 patients with type 2 diabetes-related, sight-threatening retinopathy when he realised their diabetes could be put in remission – but he found only one patient knew it could.

Since then, patients such as Bevan Bruse, 69, of Beaumont, who went temporarily blind, and Lina DiFonzo, 59, of Fulham, have gone into remission in a matter of weeks after dumping sugar, processed foods and carbohydrates in favour of a diet rich in grass-fed red meat, fish, eggs, bacon, butter, leafy vegetables, olives, natural yoghurt, unprocessed cheeses, avocado and berries.

Even carbohydrate-free beer is allowed.

Dr Muecke believes national dietary guidelines – now being reviewed – are based on “weak and unreliable data” and the low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet people had been steered into was causing them harm.

The 2020 Australian of the Year notes 15,000 lives a year nationally are lost to type 2 diabetes, two million people are pre-diabetic, while 1.7 million have it.

“It is now the leading cause of blindness in working-age adults in Australia. We have a sugar-laden chronic disease crisis killing and blinding people,” Dr Muecke said, blaming the push away from animal fats on a food industry promoting sugar, refined carbohydrates and “ultra-processed foods”.

Dr Muecke said more than 100 clinical trials now showed low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diets could prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes.

He wants red meat to once again be a staple part of the national diet – but grass-fed rather than grain-fed beef.

“At a minimum, with type 2 you need a low-carb diet, but if you want to be in remission you may need to go hard and go keto,” he said.

“If you are serious about it, at a minimum, if you are pre-diabetic, you need to go low-carb which is under 130g of carbs a day. However, if I had type 2, I would go keto which is under 50g.”

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