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Effect of low carbohydrate diets on insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome

Purpose of review
This review outlines recent research in the application of low carbohydrate diets (LCD) for insulin resistance (IR) and metabolic syndrome (MetS).

Recent findings
Studies included in this review explore how a LCD can be used in the management of patients with IR and MetS. LCDs have been shown to result in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) remission, improve lipid profiles and dramatically reduce intrahepatic fat.

The field of nutritional science is notoriously complex. The LCD has a simple narrative, which can easily and safely be applied in clinical practice. Current guidelines recognise and encourage the use of LCD as a valid option for patients with T2DM and obesity. Structured, evidence-based education should be available for all clinicians to increase confidence and ensure consistency and quality control. Further real-world evidence into the application and scalability of a LCD are required. The use of digital health solutions and improved health technology should see significant advances in this field, with dietary habit being driven by patient-derived health data in response to food, and not population-based food guidelines. The narrative around MetS and IR needs to change from progression to remission, with a LCD being a valid option for this.

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