Hyperinsulinemia, lihavuus, inflammaatio ja syöpä
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Viestin otsikko:  Hyperinsulinemia, lihavuus, inflammaatio ja syöpä

Tutkimus katsastaa viimeaikaisia tutkimusnäyttöjä, jotka viittaavat kausaalisuhteeseen, eli siihen että hyperinsulinemia aiheuttaa lihavuutta, inflammaatiota ja syöpää.

Hyperinsulinemia in Obesity, Inflammation, and Cancer

The relative insufficiency of insulin secretion and/or insulin action causes diabetes. However, obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus can be associated with an absolute increase in circulating insulin, a state known as hyperinsulinemia. Studies are beginning to elucidate the cause-effect relationships between hyperinsulinemia and numerous consequences of metabolic dysfunctions. Here, we review recent evidence demonstrating that hyperinsulinemia may play a role in inflammation, aging and development of cancers. In this review, we will focus on the consequences and mechanisms of excess insulin production and action, placing recent findings that have challenged dogma in the context of the existing body of literature. Where relevant, we elaborate on the role of specific signal transduction components in the actions of insulin and consequences of chronic hyperinsulinemia. By discussing the involvement of hyperinsulinemia in various metabolic and other chronic diseases, we may identify more effective therapeutics or lifestyle interventions for preventing or treating obesity, diabetes and cancer. We also seek to identify pertinent questions that are ripe for future investigation.

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