You must be nuts!
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Julkaisija:  Yhden miehen komitea [ 2018-04-30 17:20:34 ]
Viestin otsikko:  You must be nuts!

You must be nuts!

Uffe Ravnskov:

A few weeks ago I received for instance You must be nuts! – the business of dementia, a humorous but also serious movie made by the photographer Obhi Chatterejee, where he in a simple way explains the truth about fat and cholesterol and also how he tried to treat his father, who had become dement due to statin treatment.

Julkaisija:  Catharsis [ 2018-05-01 12:31:07 ]
Viestin otsikko:  Re: You must be nuts!

Mukava pätkä, hyvä sanoma.

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